Fiber Internet Provider Based In Mississippi

Fuse.Fiber can easily be bundled with Fuse.Voice, our Voice over IP (VoIP) solution and with Fuse.IT, our IT managed services platform.


With the number of cloud applications on the rise and data needs increasing for business users, Fuse.Fiber can offer the fastest Internet available, ranging from 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps.


Your business can’t afford to have unreliable Internet. With fiber, uptime is constant and outages are virtually non-existent.


Ultimately, fiber costs less to maintain, has less downtime and requires less hardware. And with prices steadily declining, businesses of all sizes are now seeing that fiber is the best option for them.


With cyber security top of mind, it’s important to have the most secure Internet available. Fiber protects your business from cable tapping and other methodologies used by hackers.

Future Applications

Your business is only going to need more internet, not less. Fuse.Fiber provides businesses with the ability to support future application additions.

What Is Fiber Internet?

Fiber internet, also known as fiber optic, is a form of broadband internet connectivity. It uses cables containing bundled tiny glass fibers to deliver internet service via light waves.

Most traditional ways of providing internet service transfers information by sending electric signals over copper wires, while fiber internet transfers information by sending light over those fiber optic cables.

As a result, fiber optic technology transfers information at much faster speeds than cable or DSL and provides much faster internet access.

Benefits of Fiber Internet

The benefits of having fiber internet for your business far outweigh any of those with regular cable internet:

Imagine never worrying about the weather disrupting your business’s internet connection. Weather problems are less likely to occur with fiber optic internet, meaning you’ll gain a more reliable internet connection for both you and your customer.

You will have a much higher speed rate than regular copper cable internet. When your business experiences periods of high growth or busy seasons, your internet speed should stay consistent with fiber internet.

The days of low signal strength are virtually over with fiber internet. A signal sent via fiber optic cables maintains full strength for over 100s of miles without aid, resulting in superior data consistency.

Network latency is when there is a delay in the network connection. It exhibits how long it takes data to transfer across an entire network. Fiber internet takes away numerous latency problems that come with customers who use regular cable internet for their business.

If you store your business data in the cloud, then fiber internet will allow you to pull your data from the cloud as fast as if it were on your computer’s hard drive.

The threat of someone gaining access to your business’s files is always possible, especially with cable tapping. With fiber internet, there is only one way an individual can try to steal your files, and that is by actually cutting the fibers that are buried deep underground. This means that having fiber internet is a great way to increase your company’s security from potential threats.

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