Fuse.Fiber is Fuse.Cloud’s fiber Internet solution designed to fit the specific business needs of single or multi-campus organizations looking for speed, reliability, dedicated bandwidth and security. With wholesale pricing available from a range of fiber providers nationwide, Fuse.Cloud can determine the best option based on your specifications, geography and budget. 

Fuse.Fiber can easily be bundled with Fuse.Voice, our Voice over IP (VoIP) solution and with Fuse.IT, our IT managed services platform.


With the number of cloud applications on the rise and data needs increasing for business users, Fuse.Fiber can offer the fastest Internet available, ranging from 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps. 


Your business can’t afford to have unreliable Internet. With fiber, uptime is constant and outages are virtually non-existent. 


Ultimately, fiber costs less to maintain, has less downtime and requires less hardware. And with prices steadily declining, businesses of all sizes are now seeing that fiber is the best option for them.


With cyber security top of mind, it’s important to have the most secure Internet available. Fiber protects your business from cable tapping and other methodologies used by hackers.

Future Applications

Your business is only going to need more internet, not less. Fuse.Fiber provides businesses with the ability to support future application additions.

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