Fuse’s Mississippi Tech Expo Experience

Fuse.Cloud supported their local technology community last month as they attended the 2023 Mississippi Tech Expo in Jackson, MS.

About the Mississippi Tech Expo

The Mississippi Technology Expo is an annual event held in the state’s capital, drawing hundreds of visitors each year to the Mississippi Trade Mart. From groundbreaking tech innovations to cutting-edge software, this event covers all things tech in the Magnolia State.

This event was open to the public but heavily catered toward Mississippi Technology Users Group members, consisting of IT professionals from state and local government agencies and educational entities. Additionally, it was catered to the Mississippi Chapter Association of IT Professionals, which is comprised of private industries and students emerging into the IT workforce.

Though COVID-19 halted the expo in 2022, it did little to slow down the event’s momentum this year. With over 40 booths and nearly 400 attendees, the 2023 MS Tech Expo was a success, to say the least. Over 40 leading companies in the tech industry sponsored this event, with Fuse.Cloud being one of them.

Keeping up With Tech’s Evolution

Our team attended the MS Technology Expo at the recently renovated Trade Mart Center in Jackson as part of our mission to support technological innovation in the state.

As a bronze sponsor for the event, we were honored to host a 30-minute breakout session where our Sales Engineer spoke on the Future of IT in 2023. From privacy regulations to 5G wireless connectivity, there’s much to look forward to this year in the tech world + in the years to come. If you would like to know more about the tech trends and topics to be on the lookout for in 2023, read our blog.

Keeping up with tech’s evolution and staying on the cutting edge of IT is high-priority for our team, and we are eager to share our knowledge of the industry and nudge other companies to stay ahead of the technological curve.

With over 17 years of experience, Fuse.Cloud has been in the game for a while now. We were the first VoIP company in the state of MS. A lot has changed since then, and a multitude of new companies have dismantled or formed through and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

“COVID was both bad and good for the technology industry. Bad in the sense that conventions and expos were out of the question until further notice, and good in the sense that we had to learn how to evolve, operate remotely, and become comfortable in a virtual environment,” says Kathryn DiGennaro, Fuse.Cloud’s Sales Coordinator.

Now that the Mississippi Tech Expo is back — with plans for an event next year, too — optimism hangs in the air. “That’s the cool thing about technology; every industry needs it. From healthcare to schools to manufacturing, this was an event that could fit into everyone’s box,” DiGennaro thoughtfully comments, “It was nice to talk in person, mingle at different booths, and listen to breakout sessions on various topics selected by the companies themselves.”

Thank you to the MS Tech Expo and their team for organizing this awesome event! We look forward to next year!

May 10, 2023

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