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Managed IT Services Jackson MS - Productive Teams - Fuse.CloudDoes your company or organization exist to troubleshoot your PCs and network? Of course not. That’s not your focus—it’s ours.

When you partner with Fuse.Cloud, our trusted team of technology experts set up, monitor and protect your technology, allowing you to focus on growing your business and fulfilling your purpose.

What is Managed I.T. from Fuse.Cloud?

  1. We inventory your PCs and network devices, recommending any critical updates and budgeting for future improvements.
  2. We install new software for remote management and cybersecurity. That let’s us monitor and troubleshoot remotely.
  3. We put your email hosting, data backup, and network monitoring under one umbrella.
  4. We train your staff to avoid scams while we monitor email and network traffic to prevent data loss.
  5. We answer your call when you need technical support.
  6. We charge an affordable, per-workstation monthly fee.

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Fuse.IT: What Our Managed IT Services Can Do For You

Security Management & Monitoring

Worried about cyber threats? Let us manage and monitor potential risks to your data. We offer the most cutting-edge tools to prevent attacks or alert you to suspicious behavior. That means peace of mind for you.

Desktop Support and Maintenance

Fuse.Cloud serves as your on-call IT specialist for desktop support. We’ll handle common day-to­-day computer issues and maintenance, we’ll track your software licensing, and we’ll perform all necessary antivirus and security-focused updates.

Email Hosting & Maintenance

Fuse. Cloud will host, manage and back up your email, working in both Google Apps for Business and Microsoft Exchange platforms. We also offer integration of the Microsoft Office 365 suite, allowing your business to operate efficiently with familiar tools.

Data Backup Solutions

We provide backup data from each machine and host it in one of our secure Fuse.Cloud storage data centers. We can quickly restore your data in the event of system or data loss. We monitor daily backups to ensure they’re completed, and we commit that your most valued asset, your information, is backed up and secure.

Networking and Wireless Infrastructure

Your network is the backbone of your business. We provide end-to-end design, support, maintenance, and monitoring for your wired and wireless networks. We support and monitor your network’s health using industry­ standard equipment to ensure reliable, fast access to your data.

Your business or organization will eventually need new hardware and software—it’s inevitable. When you work with Fuse.Cloud, we assess your current initial needs and let you know if you have any immediate upgrade needs. Then, we’ll help you determine a plan and budget going forward for future upgrades, as well as for workstations for new hires and expansion.

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