Do you feel like you’re constantly in crisis mode waiting for the next IT disaster to hit? With Fuse.Cloud, you can be sure a trusted team of technology experts are handling the most important part of your business. Let us do the heavy-lifting of managing your IT infrastructure, handling everything from hardware and software upgrades to desktop support and cyber security.

Fuse.Cloud Managed IT Services

Fuse.Cloud can bring your most critical business technology needs under one umbrella with e-mail hosting, desktop support, data backup, network asset monitoring and more. No more break/fix call, or the distraction of time-consuming updates and upgrades. With Fuse.IT, we handle it all, so you no longer have to worry with the maintenance and management of each device. With Fuse.IT, you not only remove the headache of unplanned IT expenses but also have access to a team of professionals with decades of industry experience to be sure your network is effectively and securely monitored. 

We commit to proactively examine your systems, resolve any issues and perform at a level of expertise that would be hard to match with an internal staff alone. Let the experts at Fuse.Cloud help you get back to business. 

This list is all included in one monthly per-user, per-month fee

  • Managed Cloud
  • Cyber Security
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Desktop Support
  • Email Hosting
  • Software Updates
  • Data Backup
  • Network Management
  • Wireless Infrastructure Management
  • Threat Detection
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Compliance
  • Asset Management

Security Management and Monitoring 

Worried about cyber threats? Let us monitor potential threats to your network. We offer the most cutting-edge tools to prevent attacks or alert suspicious behavior, giving you peace of mind knowing your network is secure. 

Desktop Support and Maintenance

Fuse.Cloud serves as your on-call IT specialist for desktop support. This includes common, day-to-day computer issues, as well as ongoing support, software/collaboration licensing, antivirus and all security focused updates. 

Email Hosting and Maintenance 

One of the most time-consuming tasks of an internal IT team is email hosting and maintenance. Fuse. Cloud will host, manage and backup your email, working in both Google Apps for Business and Microsoft Exchange platforms. We also offer integration of the Microsoft Office 365 suite. 

Fuse.Cloud will host email on an industry-leading platform and standardize all machines. Email storage and in boxes ore included in the Fuse.IT package, as well as spam and Ransomware protection, ensuring proactive filtering in the cloud before emails reach your in box. 

Data Backup Solutions 

With Fuse.Cloud you’ll never have to worry about whether or not your data is secure or blocked up. We provide backup data from each machine and host it in a secure Fuse.Cloud storage data center. All servers are image-based backups for quick restorol in the event of system or data loss. All doily file backups will be monitored to ensure completion, and we commit that your most valued asset, your information, is backed up and secure.

 Networking and Wireless Infrastructure 

Serving as the backbone of your business, we are able to provide end-to-end design, support, maintenance and monitoring for your wired and wireless networks. We monitor using industry-standard equipment inclusive of managed firewalls, switches, routers and wireless access points to ensure an effectively operating network 24/7. 

Hardware/Software Asset Management 

It’s inevitable that businesses often have routine hardware and software needs. At Fuse.Cloud, we assess your current initial needs and maintain all of your hardware and software on on ongoing basis.

 Between changes and technology advancements, maintaining the most up to dote hardware is critical for an effectively-functioning business. Trust Fuse.Cloud to keep you running, compliant and current. 

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