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Telemedicine benefits your organization because it allows you to connect with patients virtually from anywhere. Virtual visits are faster, cost less to conduct, and expand your geography enabling you to help more people. Fuse.Cloud partners with Mend, the leading Telehealth and engagement platform, to bring telehealth solutions to our customers.

  • Mend telemedicine visits consistently average single digit no-show rates
  • No special software downloads for patients to connect
  • Industry leading 99.85% successful connection rate (instant support available in the rare case someone has trouble)
  • Connect on a fraction of the bandwidth required by competitors while still maintaining HD quality video
  • Patients and providers can be anywhere
  • Any device with the Internet can connect

The path to single digit no-show rates is now a definite reality. Text and email reminders, easy reschedules, patient self-scheduling, and benefits of telemedicine software are the keys to instant revenue growth and helping more patients every day. Telemedicine works by reducing no-shows, generating hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in immediate top­line growth.

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Click a Link To Connect (Patent-Pending) 

With just the click of a link, Mend creates a secure connection to share video, files, photos, messages, data, reschedule on appointment, or collect forms. Patients can use any smartphone, tablet, or computer because logins and special software are not required. 

PredictiveIQ AI

With basic demographic and appointment data, PredictivelQ is 90+% accurate at identifying both no­ shows and cancellations days and weeks before it happens. 

Easy, HIPAA-compliant Video 

Our HIPAA compliant audio and video is the foundation for reimbursable services. With Mend, you can be confident that your data is HIPAA secure. We meet or exceed all of the U.S. government’s requirements without compromising ease-of-use. 

Full Bidirectional Integration for Automation 

Mend’s cutting-edge integration technology con be applied to just about any EHRs or practice management system for telehealth, patient scheduling, appointment reminders, or paperwork. Options include PDF, fox, HL7, SFTP, API, and even Al integration capabilities. 

Appointment Scheduling, Rescheduling, & Reminders 

No show rates are 20-40% globally. Intelligent email, SMS, and voice appointment reminders and links that allow patients to modify their appointments 24/7/365 without staff intervention will drastically decrease no-show rates and instantly grow revenue. By offering true patient scheduling that is fully integrated with your EHR/PMS, you can now book business around the clock. 

Digital Patient Intake Forms 

Mend can help collect patient intake and other forms seamlessly from any device that can access the Web. Mend can automate consents, medical histories, photos of drivers licenses, insurance information, medications, reimbursable assessments, case management documentation, outcomes data, surveys, or any other piece of information you wont to collect quickly and securely. 


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