Understanding the Need for Cybersecurity at Law Offices

Law firms process volumes and volumes of data, most of it being confidential and sensitive client information. As such, they are prime targets for cyberattacks. The American Bar Association shared an intriguing statistic taken from their 2021 Legal Technology Survey Report that further validates the prevalence of cyberattacks in law offices.

“Even though 27% [of law firms] experienced a security breach, 25% reported not knowing if their firm had ever experienced a security breach and 48% reported not having experienced one. The expectation would be for those in larger firms to be less knowledgeable about any security incident details.”

Though this survey was conducted in 2021, it leaves little to the imagination as to what those numbers look like today. As digital technology continues to play a more significant role within the legal field, the need for robust IT services and cybersecurity solutions for law firms is even more critical to ensure sensitive client details remain under lock and key.

Law Offices Need Cybersecurity

Law firms are responsible for safeguarding private client information, and they must develop and adhere to a comprehensive data protection policy and actively enforce it among the firm’s members. Among other things, they must stay updated on the latest cybersecurity trends, know how to spot phishing attempts, use technology to their advantage, and know when to partner with an IT firm to do it all for them. It sounds like a lot, and it is. The goal of IT services and cybersecurity for law offices is to take the burden of cybersecurity off the firm’s hands as much as possible, placing responsibility on a professional who has expert knowledge and resources. An IT provider will protect a firm against cyber attackers who could gain access to confidential data, ensuring their firm can securely process client information and maintain a secure office.

Fuse.Cloud Cybersecurity Solutions for Law Offices

Fuse.Cloud is a comprehensive IT support and cybersecurity solution provider. Our services help law firms establish a comprehensive security strategy, from robust, real-time malware protection to up-to-date anti-virus patches and network monitoring. We can also help your law firm implement advanced security measures, such as multi-factor authentication, data encryption, data breach protection, and more. In terms of general IT support, our team of tech experts can provide a wide range of managed IT services , from domain and email hosting to cloud storage solutions. We also offer customized monitoring and support services to stay ahead of potential threats and prevent data loss. In addition to these fundamental solutions, Fuse.Cloud offers an asset management service and is skilled in handling information compliance. Fuse.Cloud is well-positioned to provide a comprehensive suite of IT support and cybersecurity solutions to ensure that law firms remain proactive. By implementing a comprehensive IT strategy that includes the latest in security solutions, law firms gain peace of mind knowing their data is safe and their client’s legal information is secure. Contact Fuse.Cloud to discuss implementing a solid cybersecurity system for your legal organization.

July 19, 2023

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