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NOW YOU CAN leave Big Telecom… for good.

VOIP phone service Jackson ms

Upgrade your old office phones with increased functionalities using our VOIP Phone Service in Jackson MS

Are you fed up with the the telecom or cable company providing your company’s phone service? Who isn’t?

With “one size fits nobody” solutions and impossible customer service, Big Telecom has had its day.

At Fuse.Cloud, we do phones differently. We provide the latest high-tech solutions and we work with you personally to implement them effectively.

Need an auto attendant with smart features? Want to answer your work calls on a cell phone or laptop? Do you need to connect multiple campuses or a distributed workforce? We can help with all of it.

With our hosted Voice over IP (VoIP) technology, we can provide a less expensive, feature-rich communications solution that gives you flexibility and choice.

Whether you have existing equipment already in place, or if you prefer a complete upgrade, we can customize the solution.

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Experience Immediate Savings

Time is money. And when you have a telephone system using Internet as the backbone, your phone bill is often less expensive.

Recovery Quickly From Disasters

With our disaster recovery features and redundancy, you’ll never miss a critical call with VoIP technology. We always have back-ups to ensure your business is running.

Get Greater Value with VoIP

With Fuse.Cloud, you aren’t purchasing a phone, you’re enabling more efficient business operations and extending greater value to your staff and customers.

Avoid Traditional Boundaries

Our technology is not bound by geography, and there is no such thing as a “long distance” call. Since VoIP is internet based, no call is out of range.

Route Calls to Different Offices, Mobile Devices

One person can route calls rather than someone at each campus. Also, we can automatically route calls to your mobile phone.

Upgrade to Feature-Rich Phones and Receptionist Options

From auto-attendant phone directories and a web-based receptionist console, we offer a full suite of features to help in daily business operations. Contact us today for Voice Over IP phone service Jackson MS.

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