What Business Problems Does Fiber Internet Solve?

Businesses across industries rely on the Internet to perform numerous daily tasks and duties, whether it’s ordering inventory, helping customers, working on the website, or something else. Many small businesses are now realizing how much faster and more reliable fiber Internet is over broadband Internet on copper capable, enabling them to more efficiently achieve their objectives.

So what benefits can fiber Internet bring to your business? In this post, we’ll share the specific problems that fiber Internet can solve.

1. Empowering employee productivity

Organizations with traditional cable often experience frequent interruptions in their productivity because of unreliable Internet connectivity. That’s because broadband Internet on copper cable transmits data via electricity using coaxial cables, which each house an insulated copper core that is susceptible to extreme weather and electromagnetic interference. Unfortunately, this often causes a slow and unreliable Internet connection that can bring your employees’ productivity to a screeching halt. Countless business activities—such as running virtual meetings, downloading files, and fulfilling orders—all require the Internet in order to function.

In contrast, organizations with fiber-optic Internet experience connections several times faster and more reliable than even the best-performing copper cable Internet connections. Even when there’s a surge in Internet access, there’s no change in Internet speed with fiber because unlike cable, fiber relies on light instead of electricity to transmit data, empowering your employees to speedily access data and applications stored in the cloud. Furthermore, fiber internet is more reliable than broadband Internet because it is physically stronger than copper and thus more resilient to difficult weather conditions or human and electrical interference. That’s why many businesses are turning to a modern fiber connection in order to support employee productivity.

2. Enabling a top-notch customer experience

Proviiding an amazing customer experience is one of the best ways your business can retain customers and earn more value from them. After all, it is the way that a customer experiences your brand, comprised of each and every interaction between them and your company, no matter how small or brief. With repeat customers being 300% more likely to spend more money with your brand, retaining customers is an effective way to bring in more revenue, secure returns on customer acquisition costs, and gain a loyal following that refers even more customers.

So how does fiber Internet come into play?

As with empowering employee productivity, fiber Internet provides a fast and reliable connection so your business operations always stay online. So if you’ve ever been embarassed from having to put a customer on hold or asking them to come back to finalize their transaction due to spotty or slow connections, you can rest easy. Fiber optic cables send data up to 1,000 times faster than copper cables, making it easier to connect with customers, upload data, and load websites.

3. Future-proofing for scalability

For many small businesses, switching to fiber Internet is a smart investment. Once installed, your fiber network will be able to handle increases in bandwidth down the line, making it easy to scale with your business as it grows. That’s because only the network equipment will need to be upgraded with major increases in bandwidth demand, not the actual fiber cables.

Fiber Internet can also future-proof your business by helping protect your data. Unlike copper cables, fiber cables do not radiate a signal when they send data as pulses of light across strands of fiber. These data signals are much harder for hackers to intercept than the electrical signals used by traditional broadband Internet, making fiber an inherently more secure option.

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June 22, 2022

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