Why a Hard-Working Tech Partner is Critical to Your Business Success

Do you think of Internet connectivity and I.T. support as commodities, with interchangeable vendors and providers? After all, business services—Voice-over-IP phones, fiber Internet and even managed I.T.—are offered by a variety of providers, from multinational phone and cable companies to startup and local service companies.

So while these services are a little like commodities, there’s a caveat that differentiates them from pork bellies or crude oil: Implementing these high-tech business services is complicated. To get VoIP phones, fiber connectivity, and PCs working efficiently and productively requires expert-level knowledge, quality installation, and sophisticated setup, configuration, and maintenance.

At Fuse.Cloud, we believe there’s another critical differentiator—hands-on customer service. Offering personal interaction and listening to each client’s needs is a vital part of dealing with the complexity of these systems. Because, in truth, these services aren’t one-size-fits-all commodities, but instead services that we tailor to each client’s needs.

That’s the part big telecom and cable companies don’t understand. And they don’t understand it because they don’t want to—it’s not their model. Their model is high volume and low support costs. That’s why it’s so tough to get someone on the phone or to set up a service call on short notice.

Fuse.Cloud NPS Score of 85 blows away the industry average - Fuse.CloudThat’s not how we operate. And “customer service” isn’t just a slogan for us, either—it’s something we can prove. Not only do our current customers say great things about us, but our Net Promoter Score tells the story as well.

With a range of -100 (all customers are “detractors”) to +100 (all customers are “promoters”) our NPS is +85. The industry standard is +2, according to Netpromoter.com.

So how do we get to a point where 85% of our customers would promote us to other potential customers—when the average of the telecom industry is at 2%?

We honestly, truly focus on doing an excellent job for you when we set up your phone service, upgrade your Internet access, or take over remote management of your networks and PCs. We bring industry standards, best practices, and expert knowledge—along with friendliness, an interest in your business’ challenges, and a desire to serve.

That leads to another metric: less than .5 percent. That’s our “churn” rate—the fraction of customers we lose on an annual basis. Many companies in our industry consider 3-5 percent an acceptable churn rate. We like to reply that the proof is in the numbers.

We’ve done much better than the industry average for years because keeping our customers happy is critical to our success. And we like succeeding. Join us!

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December 11, 2019

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